Employee Benefits

B4Corp’s dedication and care for its employees is reflected in the outstanding compensation and benefits B4Corp provides. B4Corp’s salaries are second to none. B4Corp’s benefits reflect the company’s policy of putting the employees first. Our health insurance demonstrates this with 100% employer coverage and providing employees with a plan that has $0 copay, 0% coinsurance and an HSA that can allow employees to accrue health savings for the future. B4Corp’s maximum flexibility comp / makeup time policy, along with the company’s cafeteria-style benefit plan that allows employees to maximize their benefit dollars, reflects B4Corp’s commitment to its employees.

– Outstanding Salaries

– Vanguard 401K
– 100% employer matched contribution up to 6% of employee’s salary
– Automatic employer contributions
– No vesting period
– Full Featured Vanguard 401k Plan
– Ability to max out 401k savings ($54,000 per year / $60,000 if over 50)
– Employees receive B4Corp phantom stock each year (2-year vesting period)

Insurance 100% Employer-Paid Premiums:
– United Health Care Choice Plus HSA POS Gold 1500 w/HSA
– Employer funded HSA to cover 100% health care deductible
– Health insurance: $0 copay, $0 co-insurance
– 100% employer premium coverage for single and family
– Concordia Flex Plan Dental
– VSP Vision Insurance
– Mutual of Omaha short-term disability (60% of salary up to $2,000.00/week)
– Mutual of Omaha long-term disability (60% of salary up to $10,000.00/month)
– Mutual of Omaha life insurance ($200,000.00)

Employee Referral Bonus:
– Refer a friend or a coworker and receive $2,000 per year for every year the person works for B4Corp

Paid Time Off (PTO):
– Seven weeks of leave per year (including ten federal holidays)
– Ability to purchase 2 additional weeks of vacation
– Flexible work schedule with comp time (with customer approval)

Tuition and Training:
– Free Online Training Account (CBTNuggets, Linux Academy, A Cloud Guru or similar)
– Professional/educational development: $6,000* per year

Software and Computer Equipment:
– Laptop / computer / iPad / software: $2,000* per year
– B4Corp Business Google Drive / Apps account
– B4Corp Microsoft Office 365 account

* Overhead hour / salary reduction and 1-year commitment policy apply to computer and professional / educational benefit